Play Like The Professionals Play And Reach The SMFC CS2 Ranking

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CS2 or counter strike 2 is a game where you kill your opponents to reach higher up in the ranking. It is one of the top games in the gaming industry. The ranking system in the game keeps the players motivated. SMFC or Supreme Master First Class, if a player has reached this rank then he is the best in the game. The smfc CS 2 is just one rank below the Global Elite.

What does it mean to reach SMFC

If a player has reached the rank of SMFC it means that he is the absolute best. Players who have reached this rank will frequently be playing some of the strongest players in the CS2 game. Not many players reach this level. To reach this level a player needs to play long hours and practice well. This is a superb ranking that any player in the CS2 game will dream of reaching.

What does a rank tell about a player?

Each level in the CS2 ranking system indicates the player’s level of skill and how good it is at the game. All the players start from the silver level and try to reach the Global Elite. If you are a skilled player you will get to higher ranks, but it takes time even for skilled players to reach smfc CS 2 rank. The first six ranks are called the low group and once the player reaches the Gold Nova group they are considered low middle.

Master Guardian levels are considered the stronger middle and the bottom four are called the Elite group. So once you start the game every player wants to reach the elite group and no one wants to remain in the lower ranks for a longer time. So there is a battle going on among players to reach the higher levels.


To reach the Elite Group the only thing that matters is to practice and develop your skills. Watch the professionals play and you will be able to understand the techniques of the game. And by playing for long hours you will be able to reach the Elite Group.